Sunday, May 8, 2011

60 Minutes Interviews Obama

Tonight President Obama gave what willl reportedly be his only interview on Osama bin Laden's death to "60 Minutes." After the first half of the interview, which dealt largely with the feelings surrounding the days leading up to the operation that ended in the killing of America's most infamous enemy, a few probing questions arose.

The first of these questions asked why Obama chose not tell Pakistan about the operation. President Obama answered that secrecy was vital to the success of the mission to which the interviewer responded "So you don't trust them."

Obama was also asked what this means for the United States going forward. His answer was that we are gearing up to take our troops out of Iraq, but our job isn't finished.

Not the most probing interview I've ever seen, possibly because it comes so soon after the operation and becuase even the media recognizes this proud moment for America.

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